Vibrational Intent

The vibration rings that surround the Universal Architect logo in this design are placed over the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras to represent the constant broadcast of power and balance, allowing for an overall heightened experience. Development of this energy allows us to take command of our lives, and it magnifies our ability to influence others in a positive way. Excitement and self-awareness engage this chakra and trigger the cascade effect of abundance. When we remain rooted in the present moment and become excited about something, the universe begins to line up with our desires and intentions. We enter a state of creation, and we begin to notice the synchronicities that link our thoughts with the unfolding present. Our influence becomes stronger as we gain control over the physical world. This is done by simply being our ideal selves and living in the moment, excited and grateful to welcome new experiences. Ripples of our intentions pour from our solar-plexus chakra in powerbursts of radiant energy. These intentions we emit effortlessly crystallize our thoughts into physical reality.