2000-2001 - Computer Graphics Editor 3 for Trader Publishing - Canton, Ohio

2001-2003 - Graphic Designer for Health Management Group- Fairlawn, Ohio

2001-2003 - Graphic Designer for NML - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 

2003-2005 - Art Director for Michele Watches - Miami, Florida 

2005-2007 - Senior Art Director for SM Media Group - Delray Beach, Florida 

2007-2009 - Senior Art Director for Whitemyer Advertising - Zoar, Ohio

"I always had an entrepreneurial spirit inside. It always felt limiting for me working for other companies. I never knew when or how I was going to make that shift but.... this was the moment it all changed".....

2010 - Angela started Diapers and I Do's Photography www.diapersandidos.com

Diapers and I Do’s Photography began after putting my fast paced art director/graphic design career on hold in favor of adventures in motherhood. Every moment with my new son was my new focus. I wanted to hold those memories forever. I picked my camera up and shot every sleepy angle, every cute little movement he shared with me. I knew I could not go back to a 9-5 and miss watching him grow. I didn’t want to miss a thing. He was my true inspiration for the beginning of this new adventure. My focus was newborn, children, family, engagement and wedding photography.

2014 - Angela launched Angela Fach Photography www.angelafach.com

I was heavily involved in the health and wellness industry and started shooting yoga, fitness, fashion, music and other commercial types of sessions. This allowed me to continue to explore different avenues of photography that was fulfilling my journey. I later added services such as branding, logo design, marketing, social media and more!

2015 - Angela launched Universal Architect www.universal-architect.com

In 2011 I was married, had a nice home and two beautiful children. From the outside, everything appeared perfect. From the inside, it was anything but. I found myself in a life that did not belong to me. It did not take long for my marriage to fall apart and in turn, I fell into the role of the victim.  As time passed, the situation and relationship went from bad to worse. I felt completely trapped. I no longer had control of my life and had no idea how I could get any of that control back. Feeling like I had no options, the situation came to its boiling point. In a moment, I lost everything. The road ahead of me felt daunting and impossible. Early in this dark period of my life I was ready to give up. Then, by chance, or not, I discovered a book. The message really helped me change my perception. I began taking responsibility for my thoughts and feelings about everything that had happened in my life. 

In just a few months, my paradigm shifted completely. I decided that I would no longer be a product of my circumstances, but my circumstances would be a product of me. I was meditating daily, exercising and eating well.  I realized in the past, that I was setting the bar way too low. My limitations were being set by what I could conceive. That inspired me to think on a much larger scale. As I expanded my perception, I began attracting more abundance, a larger circle of friends and meaningful relationships. My life drastically continued taking a turn for the better. I was happier than I had ever been.

This new way of life has inspired me to help others make their own transition and become the architect of their own lives. This desire to help others brings me to you today. Through this amazing experience of awareness and enlightenment, I discovered my true self and passion. It’s my goal to help others do the same. Universal Architect is more than an apparel company, it is a movement. It represents the awakening of our authentic self and the power to be the creator of your own life. 

2016 - Angela Co Founded You Can You Will Non Profit www.YouCanYouWill.org

The You Can You Will Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals who aspire to realize their full potential. The objective of our foundation is to help people achieve a "balanced mind in a balanced body" placing a strong emphasis on empowerment, wellness and a sense of community.  Our organization is committed to providing a barrier-free environment where participants are able to take part in supportive programs for the mind, body and soul.  No matter what stage of life or where you are on your journey, we support anyone who is seeking personal growth regardless of social, spiritual, physical, emotional or financial status.  We believe that YOU control your destiny and our programs allow the individual to discover a place of true inner peace and happiness.

At the You Can You Will Foundation we believe that each individual has great potential to live a fulfilled and healthy life. It is believing in this greatness, nurturing it and empowering the children in our community to become his or her best self that marks this new age of positive growth.  We see this as a shift of epic proportions.  Such a shift begins with empowering our young ones. The You Can You Will Foundation’s School Program, "INSPIRING STUDENTS' POTENTIAL" or "ISP" is specific to children grades 7th through 12th.  With the rise in attention deficit, depression, and mental health disorders offering beneficial ways to support holistic solutions to manage these symptoms is paramount.  Learning healthful ways to affect well-being at a young age can impact not just the individual but their parents, teachers, and schoolmates.  For more information email us at infoycyw@gmail.com.

2018 - Angela formed The Canton Girl Gang www.GirlGangCanton.com

Canton Girl Gang is a support system and networking group of female entrepreneurs in the Canton area. We host events from speaking engagements, networking events, vendor events and community fundraisers. 



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