Keri Sullivan, Managing Partner at the Barrel Room is making her dream a reality.


We are kicking off our Entrepreneur Exchange with Keri, Managing Partner of The Barrel Room Wine and Beer Bar located in North Canton Ohio. We are so happy to have connected with her and learn about her amazing journey! She is a proud supporter of Universal Architect and we couldn't be more proud of her!!!

I've been in the service industry on and off for over 20 years. It got me through college however it was more than that, I excelled at it and I actually enjoyed it. After a divorce and several other life changing events, going back to the industry made sense.

Immediately I knew upon returning that my dream was to have my OWN wine bar. I was passionate about wine and combining my passion with my profession just made sense.

As I continued to build strength physically, emotionally and professionally, I knew I had to make my dream a reality. Having a job that I loved, that gave my flexibility to be a good mother, that brought joy to others and that could actually be successful became my concentration.”

“So here I am, almost 5 months later and I couldn't be happier that I made that leap.”


To learn more about The Barrel Room, visit:



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