Scott Simon, Co-Founder of Thrive Cleveland says YES to every possible opportunity!


I met Scott, the Co-Founder of Thrive Cleveland on a beautiful morning at Rising Star Coffee Roasters on W. 29th Street. We talked about the discovery of finding happiness within ourselves and through our experiences. It was a conversation of great energy. I felt Scott's zest for life as I learned about his journey. Thrive is a movement that represents the change in the world we are all awakening to. Here is what he had to say:

"My grandfather Sanford Simon - who passed away when I was in college - was an incredible architect.What he could do with just pen and ink was amazing. He would dream up new ways for people to live and meet and interact - and with a stroke of that fountain pen on a blank sheet of paper, he could make his dreams come to reality.

I am committed to living my life in the same way. I live from a place where my passion guides my hand - and I am living out my dreams. I don't have a pen, But I do have something just as powerful - the ability to SAY YES to every possible opportunity. And in that way....


Scott Simon - President, North Pointe Realty

Co-Founder, Thrive Cleveland

To learn more about Thrive Cleveland, visit:



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