And the world came together, as the people stayed apart.

We are the Outfitters of the New Age Renaissance. We represent a movement of awakening that has given birth to a new generation of enlightened individuals. We create our current reality by intentionally choosing our thoughts in a way that serve our desires. We live in a place where there are no limits, a world of high-energy vibration and boundless raw potential. We write the story of our lives in the moment. 


We as conscious parents must bridge the gap by raising conscious children and helping them to develop these essential attributes, in or out, of the current school system. This requires that we wake up and pay attention – that we are not afraid to speak the truth to our children, nor do we hesitate to empower them to think clearly for themselves. As parents of awakening children, we must be fully awake ourselves, and we must embrace the courage to raise and support extraordinary children.

Children who think for themselves grow up to be adults who change the world!


We seek to enhance our experience by moving out of the comfort zone. Often, we take risks to expand our boundaries, constantly opening up our experience to new possibilities and opportunities. We stare into the eyes of the unknown, and welcome whatever energy we may awaken. Source energy flows freely through us in vast waves of passion and excitement, bringing our true intentions into manifestation. This raw form of pure potential is the power of creation and limitless possibility. We are able to summon and tap into this power, and we embrace our role as the deliberate creators of our own destinies.

As we progress and advance in our path of spirituality and enlightenment, we enter a higher state of self-knowledge and confidence. Our ability to manifest at-will, allows us to influence the outcome of our situations. Along the journey, we have broken free from the prison of our own mental confinement and allowed our spirits to soar.


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