The world is your playground. 

Be the Architect.

We want to ensure all children are blessed with lives of unlimited abundance and happiness. Together, let’s guide them to be the best, happiest and healthiest versions of themselves so they can shine bright like the lights that they are... and spread that love, raising the vibration of the entire planet. 


We must own the education experience for our children and not leave it in the hands of a broken system that is asleep and that is invested in keeping our kids asleep. We must create an experience that supports the well-being of the child – mind, body and spirit. Let's empower our children to thrive and to use their minds in ways that support the growth, empowerment and sustainably of the world. Education should instill confidence, inner strength, wisdom, intuition and the ability to learn.

We as conscious parents must bridge the gap by raising conscious children and helping them to develop these essential attributes, in or out, of the current school system. This requires that we wake up and pay attention – that we are not afraid to speak the truth to our children, nor do we hesitate to empower them to think clearly for themselves. As parents of awakening children, we must be fully awake ourselves, and we must embrace the courage to raise and support extraordinary children.

Children who think for themselves grow up to be adults who change the world!


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