The Wonder of a CHILD

Children are living examples of the power of curiosity. As youngsters, we are extremely impressionable and eager to learn. Information that is presented to us is quickly absorbed and implemented into useful practice. As the young mind soaks up the wonders of the world, the child assumes command as master of their own experience. We must encourage the expression of new ideas and positive energy that children contribute to this world! 

We represent a movement of awakening that has given birth to a new generation of enlightened individuals. We create our current reality by intentionally choosing our thoughts in a way that serve our desires. We live in a place where there are no limits, a world of high-energy vibration and boundless raw potential.


We write the story of our lives in the moment. We have the ability to “tune in” to the present, and make decisions that build strength, character and abundance. We are an empowered species, fully capable of deciding on a particular desired outcome, and executing the steps required to bring that thought into manifestation.


We learn to harness and utilize this power to create our own reality. We embrace our true potential as we set forth as the architect of our own journey through life. We follow our passions and excitement wherever it may lead. Moment to moment, we forge our destinies. The world is your playground. Be the Architect.

During the early stages of life, we view the world in a fresh light. Everything we do is new and exciting, and we welcome our awakening with pure joy and unquestioned acceptance. At this budding stage of life, we are given the gift of creativity, which colors our young minds with vivid dreams of endless. All children begin life with a beautiful sense of wonder about their world. They are naturally intuitive and open. Young children have the ability to see the magic that floods every experience. They naturally witness the field of unlimited possibility in action, creating a reality of heightened awareness and extreme happiness. In many ways they are our teachers, and are filled with the natural wisdom of the cosmos. They see things we may have long forgotten. Children are the seeds of pure potentiality, and they are the future creators of the universe.


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