Every man possesses a certain inner-strength beyond measure. In man’s natural state, inspiration and creativity collide with a deep, innate power to fuel a never-ending burning desire for more. He surges forward and excels. He conquers tasks and exceeds expectations without looking back. He is confident in his ways and decisive in action. He lives his life in the moment, taking the time to soak up all experiences the universe has to offer along the journey. He is an extension of pure, limitless source energy and knows his role as the creator of his own destiny. He is the builder of dreams and stands proudly as the architect of his own life. 


Vibrational Intent

The vibration rings that surround the Universal Architect logo in this design are placed over the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras to represent the constant broadcast of power and balance, allowing for an overall heightened experience. Development of this energy allows us to take command of our lives, and it magnifies our ability to influence others in a positive way. Excitement and self-awareness engage this chakra and trigger the cascade effect of abundance. When we remain rooted in the present moment and become excited about something, the universe begins to line up with our desires and intentions. We enter a state of creation, and we begin to notice the synchronicities that link our thoughts with the unfolding present. Our influence becomes stronger as we gain control over the physical world. This is done by simply being our ideal selves and living in the moment, excited and grateful to welcome new experiences. Ripples of our intentions pour from our solar-plexus chakra in powerbursts of radiant energy. These intentions we emit effortlessly crystallize our thoughts into physical reality.

Universal Architect

We seek to enhance our experience by moving out of the comfort zone. Often, we take risks to expand our boundaries, constantly opening up our experience to new possibilities and opportunities. We stare into the eyes of the unknown, and welcome whatever energy we may awaken. Source energy flows freely through us in vast waves of passion and excitement, bringing our true intentions into manifestation. This raw form of pure potential is the power of creation and limitless possibility. We are able to summon and tap into this power, and we embrace our role as the deliberate creators of our own destinies; architects of our own lives. As we progress and advance in our path of spirituality and enlightenment, we enter a higher state of self-knowledge and confidence. Our ability to manifest at-will, allows us to influence the outcome of our situations. Along the journey, we have broken free from the prison of our own mental confinement and allowed our spirits to soar. 

In My Vortex

Being in your vortex is a vibrational state of being that is a precursor of all positive motion forward of all that is. It’s like, encapsulated, condensed, straight-up Source. It’s pure positive energy. It’s the holding tank. It’s the anchor. It’s the touchstone. It’s the place where all dreams and wishes and hopes are held until we find vibrational alignment with them. It’s the eternal pool of wellbeing to which each of us have added mightily along the path of our physical experience. Being in your vortex means you’re experiencing the kind of alignment that fosters magic and miracles.  It’s where you get inspired answers to your questions.  It’s where things come together beautifully.  It’s where you feel on top of the world!